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A New Year = A Fresh Start with Untapped Potential

2018 marks eleven years since I began teaching yoga, though my passion for the practice began over twenty years ago. With an inner knowing and a yearning for “more”; a deeper connection, and a strong desire to learn more about a

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Conscious Choices – Promoting or Demoting?

What will YOU choose to focus on? “There are two kinds of habits: promoting habits and demoting habits. Demoting habits make you unhappy physically, mentally and spiritually. Promoting habits make you happy physically, mentally and spiritually. In your life, if

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Yummy Yogi Tea

When Yogi Bhajan first came to North America in the late 1960’s, he would prepare a blend of tea containing cinnamon, black peppercorns, whole cloves, green cardamom pods, and ginger, which people started dubbing “Yogi Tea”. This tea has many

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Keep Up & You’ll Be Kept Up!

These wise words are one of the best-known quotations by Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to North America. Over the past several years, since I began my teacher training in 2006, I’ve been both inspired by and

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Prosperity – How do YOU define it?

A bit of a personal note here: I’ll admit that in recent years, and specifically right around the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another, I have been rather preoccupied with a sense of insecurity, specifically regarding

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The Steady Warrior

In the book, Senses of the Soul: Emotional Therapy for Strength, Healing and Guidance, author GuruMeher Khalsa expounds upon the “7 Heavy Heroes”; those emotions that are normally thought to be negative in nature, but have in fact many gifts

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An Evening Yoga Routine

Evening Yoga Routine (from The Art, Science & Application of Kundalini Yoga, by Nirvair Singh Khalsa)   This twenty-minute series is to be done at a very slow, relaxing pace as it helps to clear the effects of a busy,

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Recipe for a Sound Sleep

After a relaxing summer, with long nights spent on vacation or stay-cation, returning to a routine that allows you to get the requisite hours of sleep in order to be fully functional at work the following day may offer a

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Breath of Ten – Meditation to Become Disease-Free

“The Breath of Ten is a complete breath in the line of Breath of Fire. It can give you a disease-free body, a clear, meditative mind and develop your intuition, but it requires practice.” – Yogi Bhajan   How to

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Sat Kriya

“The Everything Kriya” The word “kriya” means “completed action”. It is an action which “must sprout the seed”, in the words of Yogi Bhajan. In Kundalini Yoga, it is an exercise or group of exercises that work toward a specific

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