Energy & Flow with GoGo Balls

With the change in seasons, personally I am finding myself naturally less inclined to consume raw vegetables and my greens. My tendency to want to nosh on “comfort foods” that aren’t necessarily high in fibre may provide me with some instant gratification, but can end up making me feel blocked – energetically and in terms of my digestion. Can you relate?

If you’ve attended any of my classes, you’ve probably heard me speak of the benefits of practicing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Specifically, one benefit is how many of the exercises (like Elephant Walk), or postures (like Rock Pose) assist the elimination aspect of your digestive system. But what if a person doesn’t walk around on all fours in Elephant Walk, or cannot sit on their heels in Rock Pose?

Toronto nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, introduced a recipe recently as a way to guarantee staying regular. Did you know that we’re supposed to have three bowel movements per day? How are you doing?

GoGo Balls (recipe by Miranda Malisani)

1 TBSP flax seed, freshly ground soaked in 3 TBSP warm water (= 1 flax “egg”)

1 TBSP pumpkin seed butter

2 TBSP unsweetened toasted coconut

2 Medjool dates

2 prunes

Chop (or use a food processor) the dates and prunes. Add the pumpkin seed butter and flax seed. Toast the coconut and add to mixture. Form into balls and refrigerate. Serving: 2 per day.

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