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Awake, Aware, & Awesome

The ‘Awake, Aware & Awesome Workshop’ with Maureen was invigorating, enlightening, rejuvenating and overall a truly inspiring day. Maureen’s calm demeanor and warm presence made me feel comfortable even though I had never practiced Kundalini yoga before. She created an open, safe environment where I did not hesitate to step outside my boundaries and get the most from my practice. The workshop truly awakened my body and my mind, and I left at the end of the day feeling stronger in body yet lighter in spirit, and definitely awesome! I’d recommend this workshop to anyone considering taking it!

Sarah Downey

Yoga for Stress Relief

Maureen’s yoga for stress relief is exactly that! For 75 minutes I focus intently on listening to what my body is telling me. It reminds me how good it feels to be moving and cared for. Stress is part of life; Maureen’s class makes me better able to deal with it!

Kundalini Yoga for Wellness

Although I may not be the most faithful attendee (life interferes…), each time I do go to Maureen’s class, I come away feeling energized, rejuvenated and centred. Maureen’s teaching style allows me to just “be” in the class, flowing from one move to another, with the comfort of knowing I have been taught well. Maureen welcomes us with openness and warmth, new participants and regulars alike.

Susan A.

The first time I took Maureen’s Saturday morning class we had an 11 minute deep relaxation. With a busy full time job and two active young sons, and going through some difficult personal challenges, it felt like the first time in years that I had taken time to completely relax. That, combined with meditation that allowed for complete stillness, was transformative. While the physical demands of Kundalini yoga varies, the meditation and relaxation elements incorporated into every class are profound. Maureen creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that creates an energy of acceptance and community central to getting the most out of the Saturday morning class. And the Yogi Tea she brings for after class is fabulous!

Steph F.

Baby & Me Yoga

One can’t help but be instantly relaxed and at ease with Maureen. Her friendly, warm, and engaging demeanor is evident right from the beginning of class. Maureen is incredibly knowledgeable of her craft and has a “flexible” approach that is no doubt the result of a master teacher.
My 3 month old son and I absolutely love her Baby & Me yoga class. As a new mom getting back in shape, Mo’s class provides me with a challenge while bonding with baby. It doesn’t get any better than that! The best part is I can tell that my son is relaxed when he’s at her class and Maureen’s class will definitely be remembered fondly when looking back at his early days.

Andrea S.

Attending prenatal yoga with Maureen was one of the highlights of my pregnancy. It was my first time doing yoga & I enjoyed it so much that we continued with Baby & Me Yoga after my son was born. We both found it so relaxing & a great way to really connect with each other. My baby became so relaxed with the “Long Time Sun” song that was played at every session. I played this song during my labour & also added it to his nursery bedtime music. For us this song brings back wonderful memories of my pregnancy & our time at prenatal & Mom & baby yoga. Even now, at 20 months old, he still relaxes & settles for the night when he hears “Long Time Sun”…especially when he is sick or teething.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Over the years I have explored many styles of yoga. During one of the first Kundalini classes I attended with Maureen she stated that there are many styles of yoga and there is a yoga available and accessible to each of us. I am so grateful to find that Kundalini yoga is my yoga. I felt the benefits of Kundalini yoga immediately and have steadily incorporated this yoga into my daily life. I have practiced with Maureen for over 3 years now and the positive difference this yoga has made in my life is amazing.

Thank-you Maureen, you are an amazing teacher!

Wendy A.

Clarity of thought, ease of movement and some laughter thrown in are reasons I enjoy Maureen’s yoga classes. I always leave feeling like I’ve done something good for myself. Maureen’s caring and patient manner help those new to the class feel comfortable, and make those who are ‘regulars’ feel welcome. Her classes are something I really look forward to – a necessary treat!

I have practiced Kundalini Yoga under Maureen for several years and fell in love with this style of yoga from the very first class. Kundalini yoga has provided me with a physical and emotional practice that helps me deal with everyday stress. It doesn’t matter how I feel at the start of a class – I always leave feeling like I’ve spent an hour or more doing something that makes me feel better.

Maureen provides a class environment that is welcoming to all yoga levels and abilities, she encourages, she invites you to push yourself, and best of all makes it fun.


I left the workshop feeling relaxed yet uplifted, a feeling that remained with me the rest of the day. I will enjoy using what I learned each day. The easy going environment makes it a joy to come to your classes. Thank you!

Going in to the energetic workshop I was expecting stretching and a slow relaxing workshop, instead I found it to be incredibly energizing and invigorating! It was an excellent way to shake of the cabin fever of this long winter!

Jennie Elsdon

Taking up yoga is the conscious choice to accept your current physical, emotional and physiological state and to build upon it. Maureen Tonge helps you navigate through this often difficult journey with her Radiance M-Bodied classes, so that you can realize your best self in a supportive environment.


I loved every minute of this workshop. It was great to learn about the yogic perspective of managing our reaction to stress! I loves the simple breathing exercises that can be practiced anywhere, anytime. I can’t wait to be able to attend one of Maureen’s regular classes!


Stressed Out to Blissed Out was a terrific introduction to the Kundalini philosophy. The yoga postures feel so strong and, combined with the mediation and breathwork, created a well-rounded experience. I came out of the studio feeling much more focused and relaxed.


The length of the workshop was perfect – each element was well explained and easy to follow. The two hours flew by but it never felt rushed. I appreciated going over the ‘basics’ again! I think the 2 hour workshop is a great format to introduce people to Kundalini yoga. I hope others will take advantage of the other sessions you have planned!


Maureen has created a very peaceful, supportive space that, coupled with her gentle approach to teaching has given me just what I needed after being a busy mom of 3 young boys. I really look forward to taking more classes with Maureen. Thank you SO much, Maureen, for a wonderful morning and delicious cookies and tea. 🙂


“The stressed out to blissed out workshop was a fantastic way to unwind after a busy week. The time flew by, and the guided relaxation at the end let me float into the rest of the day calm, relaxed, and ready for the week.”


I feel completely Blissed out and relaxed thanks to the yoga postures, breath work and meditations we learned!

I would absolutely attend any of Maureen’s workshops! I love the length of the workshop, as there’s more time to dig into the yoga than in a regular class.

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